Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wheat: Grind it!

Are you interested in buying an electric grain mill?
The cannery has a coupon for the K-Tec electric mill for 159.99. Regular price is 199.99. There is also a Marga hand mill for 79.99.

Check out the site. http://www.blendtec.com/millpromo.aspx. If you are interested in the electric mill, please leave me a comment to this post, or call me at home. If we order in a group of 5 or more, we get $10 off each, and if we order 10 or more, we get $20 off each mill, for a total of $139.99. I will also pass around a sign-up sheet in the Food Storage notebook on Sunday.

Articles comparing Grain Mills:

Some good electric mills:
Whisper Mill

Some good hand mills:
Country Living Mill
Family Grain Mill (can also buy adaptor to Bosch motor to electrify it)

Call me to use my grain mill, or Leigh-Anne Aller to use the ward grain mill. The Ward mill is exactly like the one on sale. If you would like to try it before you order, call me and come over to see it!

Note on grinding wheat: Grind your wheat when you plan to use it right away, as it begins losing vitamins and becoming rancid (the fats) as soon as it is ground. You can freeze it up to a week if necessary.

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Jen Martin said...

Total pity comment. I didn't even read this wheat business.

Kurtis said...

Maybe this is a dumb question but do you happen to know how many pounds of ground flour comes from a 25LB bad of whole grain wheat? Does it still end up being 25lb?