Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Your food storage questions: Answered!

What are the product changes for the new year?
Check out the new CANNED and BULK food forms here in the book. There are some changes! Many of your favorite foods are back! You can order REFRIED BEANS and WHITE FLOUR in cans again, and there is something new called POTATO FLAKES, which have a much longer shelf life than POTATO PEARLS. The beloved POTATO PEARLS are also back , but only in bulk (21 pound bag). Also available only in bulk: PANCAKE MIX (16 pound bag) and SPAGHETTI (25 pound bag). Sadly, APPLES are unavailable for the next little while. I will put them back on the forms when they become available.

I don’t know what I need. What foods should I get first?
Remember, the new Church Family Home Storage Guidelines emphasize getting:

1. A three month supply of foods you normally eat. Rotate this regularly.
2. Drinking Water
3. Financial Reserve
4.Longer-term Supply
(You can see a more detailed discussion of this program in “All is Safely Gathered In,” which you can find at

Also, give me a call or email me. I can help you make a plan.

What about that other order form we were using? Can I still use that one?
Yes, you can also use the food storage order form located on the Church website at You can print it, fill it out and give it to me, or just email me your food order. AZBEESON@HOTMAIL.COM.

Example e-mail: Kelly, I need 5 cases (30 cans) of regular oats.
Sister Jones

If you use the form from the Church website, remember our Mesa Cannery policies still apply. You cannot order food in pouches or canned spaghetti on Stake Canning Day (even though the form allows it, the cannery does not).

I’m in Primary. I don’t get the book or I don’t have time to fill it out during Church on Sunday.
I know some of you in Primary and Young Men’s and Young Women’s don’t get to see the books on Sunday. Using the other order form at, or grabbing one from my book to look at during the week and emailing me the info might be easier for you than trying to get it all done on Sunday.

What are these new sections, labeled “Basics, Others, and Shorter Term Storage?”
The foods listed under “Basics” and “Others” on the new order forms have longer shelf lives (all 30 years or more, except carrots at 25 years) and will be a part of your LONGER TERM SUPPLY. The foods listed under “Shorter Term Storage” should be used and rotated into your THREE MONTH SUPPLY. You probably shouldn’t buy the shorter term items if you don’t like them or don’t plan to use them. They will go bad more quickly (between 1 and 10 years, depending on the item).

Do I need to buy cans in multiples of 6, so they fit into the boxes?
No, you don’t, but it does make it simpler for me to transport and for you to store. If you fill the box with cans, the box is free. Here’s a little ditty to help you remember:

1,2,3, a fee. 4,5,6 it is free. The fee for a box is 57 cents. Divide your total cans by 6. If the remainder is 1,2, or 3, add 57 cents to your total. If the remainder is 0, 4,5 or 6, your boxes are free. Confused? Just order in multiples of 6. Example:You can order 2 white beans, two black beans and two pinto beans to make six. You don’t have to order 6 of a kind. Plus, for every 6 cans, I’ll throw in 2 free plastic lids, because I’m just that kind of nice food storage lady. (No, really, that’s the policy).

Do I have to go to the Cannery if I order food?
Actually, yes you do. This is the new policy, which goes into effect when the cannery reopens in June. You will need to come and pay for your order yourself, with a personal check or money order. We will no longer turn in money through the wards.

So, do these new forms in your books tell me everything available at the cannery?
You can get everything except canned spaghetti or food in pouches. These updated forms (like the old ones) are applicable for STAKE CANNING DAY. If you make your own personal appointment at the cannery, you can buy food in bulk there and can it yourself. Or you can buy pouches there and fill the pouches yourself.

Beginning in July, there will be only a few products available each month. See April 24, 2008 post for tentative schedule.

I bought my own rice (or other foods) from another source that I need to store. How can I do that?
You can no longer bring outside food into the cannery during scheduled personal canning appointments. If you are interested in canning food you purchased elsewhere, you can buy cans and other equipment (like pouches) through me (on the bulk order form) or directly from the cannery, and use the Stake Canning machine at your home. Or you can buy plastic buckets to store them. Call me for resources.

What about the wheat grinders?

One of my books disappeared with some of the names of those interested. I will list the names of those I have. If you don’t see your name, please sign up again. I will call you with the total.
Update: I ordered and received the grinders. If you are still interested, I have a link to the coupon up on the right.

Hey, Kelly, I know where your lost food storage notebook is. Do you have a reward for the person who finds it?
No, just bring it back, okay? That sounds like blackmail. Or extortion.

I’ve read all this, and now I feel even more confused!
Call me. Or email me at I’d love to chat about your food storage!
No, really. I actually like it.