Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wheat: Sprout it!

In the packet I gave out at the class, I included three pages of direction on sprouting. If you are interested in trying this yourself, call me and I will give you a copy. Basically, soak seeds 12 hours, then rinse. Rinse every 8-12 hours to keep them moist. Make sure there is excellent drainage. That’s it!

If you want wheat grass, place sprouts on well-drained soil and keep moist. Cut grass near the soil and blend for juice.

Eat sprouts raw on salads, or blanch them and add to bread(Google 'sprouted wheat bread' for a recipe). Juice wheat grass, or blend it in your blender.

They are at their vitamin packed peak when the sprout is about as long as the seed, and until it is a few times the length of the seed. You can refrigerate them when they get to the point you like them. That will stop the growth. They will stay well in your refrigerator at least a week or two.

You can keep them out of the sun, or let them green in the sun. It is a matter of which taste you prefer.

Sprouts are full of vitamins the seed doesn’t have!
You can sprout whatever wheat you have! I sprouted my hard white, soft white, and hard red wheat. They all did pretty well. The flavors are slightly different. I think the red is what most people sprout.

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