Monday, June 2, 2008

Storing Water

From: Allyson
To: Me
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 11:23 AM
Subject: Hey food storage lady

I have an EMPTY 50 gallon water barrel that's been camping out on the side of my house
for way too long. I want to fill it with water but don't know the proper water/bleach ratio. Also,
where can I buy a new pump for it. The last one was used as a slingshot by a small boy named Alex.


Dear Allyson,
I was just looking at the website of a new store that just opened here in Mesa (Mesa Drive)and I saw the pumps on their website.

I don't know if the prices are good, but they do have the pumps ($17.99)! To treat your water, make sure you wash out the barrel very well with a chlorine solution (1 teaspoon chlorine/1 gallon water), then fill the barrel and add 6-8 drops chlorine per gallon in the container (your barrel might be 55 gallons) or about 1 teaspoon for 10 gallons. You should dump it out and refill it again annually. Also, if you are storing it outside, make sure you keep it under an opaque tarp. One of my barrels got crispy in the sun and broke.


P.S. I also store some water in flats of drinkable bottles. We use these, and rotate them into our drinking water. It is a good idea to have some water in smaller containers in case you need to transport them.


Tam said...

I just came across your site! Very cool can't wait to read more and learn lots! I was just called as my ward food storage specialist. Check out my recipes on my blog. I love making healthy homemade meals from my food storage! Lots of fun!

Jessica Sandberg said...

Do you need to use this chlorine method for small containers, such as 1 gallon juice jugs?

Nicole said...

You don't have to put chlorine in your water jugs if you use pre-treated water. I just fill my 55-gallon containers to the rim with water from the hose and seal it. (There is plenty of chlorine in our water) I do change the water out every October conference and it tastes great still!
-Former Ward Preparedness Specialist

Jessica Sandberg said...

Thanks so much for your help!

Lorie said...

A member of our RS Presidency just attended a church class about water storage and they actually suggest you rotate your water every 6 months. So conference is a great time to rotate your water.

Carley said...

Do you know if it is okay to store 55 gallon drums of water on top of each other?

snoopys925 said...

I know this sounds so stupid but how do you eat wheat. I have a bag but I'm not sure how to use it.

marlenesmagic said...

Hi everyone,
Glad to find another resource to find info on storage. We store water in a few 55 gallon drums, water is already treated so no need to add anything, just rotate once in a while. We also use 2liter soda bottles for easier handling, just in case. DONT USE MILK Jugs. They are porous and hold bacteria from the milk.

I have other info at my site at I have a book on Food Storage and all the info that goes with it. Id love for you guys to visit and let me know what you think on the blog there!

Marlenes Magic with Food Storage.

marlenesmagic said...

Hey Snoopy,

You can use your wheat in sooo many ways. You'll have to look up a few ways of "how to," but here are a few suggestions:
Grind it to make flour, then bake with it.(breads, pancakes, etc)
Cracked wheat cereal, Wheat chili, etc. I have so many ways and recipies in my book. But if you'd like, email me off my website and Ill give you a few.


Gregg and Melissa Rupp said...

Honeyville Grains has pumps for $8.99!! They are in Chandler at 33rd S. 56th Street--which 56th street is 2 blocks east of the i-10 on Chandler Blvd. They phone # is 623-208-5776 and she will quote you prices or email a price list to you.

Mike said...

This is an old post, but I thought I would add my two cents worth.

If you fill your water barrel (or other large container) from a hose you should definitely use bleach, four drops per gallon, to ensure it is properly sanitized.

Garden hoses often just sit in the sun or shade, outside with moisture or water inside. While sitting in the warm sun bacteria grows inside.

When you fill the water some of that bacteria will transfer to your water collection.

So unless you use a smallish hose that you can sanitize as well, I suggest you add bleach to the water.

I keep 2 liter, 1 liter bottles as well as a 50 gallon barrel and three 5 gallon drinking water containers. Enough for me and some of my neighbors if need be.