Friday, March 14, 2008

"Dear Food Storage Lady," questions and answers!

I'm no expert, but I'm fairly resourceful.

I'll tell you straight, I'm no good at making end tables out of refried beans.

Leave me your questions in the comments section. Please address them to DEAR FOOD STORAGE LADY.

I'll post and answer them for your entertainment and information. Happy squirreling!


Kelly said...

Dear Food Storage Lady,
How is it that you are soooo unpopular? Is pathetic, really!

Mary said...

Dear food storage lady,
Will you give us recipes that use our powdered milk?
Mary in Vegas

Kelly said...

Dear Mary in Vegas,
Thank you for your question! I am very excited for my first question (that's not from me).

I'll tell you the fastest way to get through your powdered milk: put it in your baby's bottle occasionally (if you have a baby. Or a baby who is off formula. Or a baby who isn't allergic to dairy.) Mine are used to icky powdery tastes from the formula, so they actually enjoy the powdered milk.

But maybe I'm not sticking with the Food Storage Ladies Union party line that says that powdered milk tastes delicious if you only know how to prepare it. The rest of the line states that I am obligated to stare down my nose at you until you realize I am insinuating that YOU don't know how. But you do. It just tastes like that.

Actually, I use powdered milk in lots of recipes where milk isn't a main flavor (because in those recipes I substitute the milk for heavy cream. Heavy cream tastes much better than milk or powdered milk, DUH.) If you need just a little, add just a little powdered. You won't get through much milk this way. Maybe I'm not being very helpful.

Remember that when you store milk, you can also store canned milk products you would use for baking: evaporated and sweetened condensed milk. I use and rotate these in my 3 month supply. Then I don't need as much powdered.

I'll look up some recipes and post em soon!

Food Storage Lady

Jenni Lee said...

Hi Kelly -

I'm new in the ward and was there a week ago Sunday when you came in to Relief Society with info on food canning. I can't remember if I signed up for anything or not. I was out of town last Sunday and will be gone again this Sunday, and I wanted to check with you on a few things.

Here are a few questions:

1 - Please confirm to me the canning dates for July, August, and September (always the last Thursday)?
2 - Are the potato flakes replacing the potato buds they used to have? (The potato buds are really good - are the flakes as good?)
3 - Have you tried the onions? What's the minimum order on those?
4 - Is the milk non-instant? (It's much better than instant.)

I would like to order powdered milk (if it's non-instant), regular oats, potato flakes, white beans, and possibly onions.

Please let me know the sizes and cost.

Also - do you know where we can get Morning Moo? (It's made in SLC -- tastes better than pow. milk)

Thanks so much for your help.

Jenni Lee
(I moved in a month ago on E. Peterson. You can call me @ 306-5631)

Holli said...

Dear Food Storage Lady,

Have you ever used the corn from the home storage center? If so, what did you do with it? Can you make popcorn with it?